GIST: Nigeria’s Video Vixen, Vitamin Wendy Who Faked Her Death To Live Long On “Trending Gist With Dammy Blaze”


Hi Fams, family and friends, how was your weekend, hope it was full of fun?
I hope everyone is familiar with Video vixen vitamin wendy? Her photos are all over IG, January 1, her pictures were all over social media used for R. I. P and story about being used by her boyfriend (best) for ritual and how she bleed to death.

Wendy friend posted on IG and said her friend (Wendy) told her she had a dream before her death, she dreamt she had stomach ache and wokeup to found herself bleeding, then she put a call through to her pastor, and the pastor told her she as been used by her boyfriend.

She need to go bath in a river thrice so that her dream won’t come true, biko what kind pastor would give you that kind info immediately even without seeing you and tell you to go bath in a river without seeing you.

It’s time we need to wake up, from what we are been told or heard, only for her pic found on social media next day used for R.I.P, skibi family who want sudden fame,

Her boyfriend name best switched his IG account to private immediately the issue came up and denied using her, but later post something bout she’s alive that she and her family want to extort money from him.

Luckily today (Sunday) she did a live video on IG and said somethings bout what her pastor said that she should fake her death in order not to die.. And said she intentionally post and faked her own death in order not to die,

Lessons learnt :
Don’t tarnish other image for your own good

You might fake your own death and Still not make it and later die..

The whole issue happened because Wendy boyfriend (best) impregnated someone else and Wendy was not ready to let go of him…

Don’t force what’s not meant for you..

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