18+ Story: Sexy Adventures of Ikenna [Part 3]

“I can see that you are ready for action again. Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?” Bimbo quizzed him.

“No, I haven’t. I really never thought about it,” Ikenna admitted.

“I love it in the ass. Will you fuck me in the ass?” Bimbo asked sexily.

“If you want, yeah sure I’ll do it,” Ikenna replied unsurely.

Bimbo smiled at him and then got off the bed. She retrieved some lubricant from her bag and handed it to Ikenna. Bimbo then got on all fours and directed Ikenna to lubricate her ass. Ikenna got turned on by putting the lube in her asshole. He enjoyed fingering her hole and caressing her curvy ass. Bimbo rotated her ass in arousal as Ikenna inserted a second finger into her ass hole.

“Okay I’m ready for your dick Ikenna, fuck me in the ass,” ordered Bimbo.

Ikenna knelt behind her and eased his hard dick into her ass. He worked it in slowly and enjoyed the penetration of her juicy ass. Ikenna had never felt anything like this before. Bimbo’s ass was warm and tight. Bimbo used her sphincter muscles to perfection as she massaged Ikenna’s dick in her anal hole. Ikenna caressed both of Bimbo’s gorgeous ass cheeks as he fucked her ass deeply. They both sensed he was about to cum again and Ikenna picked up his pace as Bimbo squeezed his dick with more intensity.

“Cum in my ass, I want your cum in my ass,” Bimbo cried out.

Her words sent Ikenna over the edge and he fired his second load into Bimbo’s hot ass. Bimbo felt the warm sperm coat her rectal passage, a feeling that she is never tired of. She squeezed her anal muscles and milked Ikenna’s dick dry of every drop of cum. Ikenna continued to fuck her slowly until his dick softened and slipped from her ass. Ikenna just looked at her beautiful ass and watched as trickles of cum ran out of her ass down her thighs and across the lips of her pussy.

The two of them laid down on her bed to rest briefly but Ikenna would soon learn that they were just getting started. Bimbo rolled onto her left side and Ikenna nestled up behind her. He wrapped his right arm over her and caressed her breast and tweaked her erect nipple. Ikenna’s dick was semi-hard and he pressed it against Bimbo’s hot ass.

That was the start of Ikenna’s sex education. For the next two months, Ikenna and Bimbo got together as often as they could and it was always incredible sex. Ikenna would always cum in her mouth, pussy, and ass at least once when they were together. Then one day, Bimbo disappeared at school and Ikenna learned that she had been sent to a private girl’s school. Bimbo had been fucking her neighbor’s husband and she was caught red-handed.

Ikenna finished the school year dating several other girls and they were pleased with his sexual knowledge and performance. He was a very accomplished lover by the time he graduated and he was looking forward to university life.

One afternoon that summer, Ikenna was walking home from a friend’s house when he ran into one of his friends, Tobi. “Hey Tobi, what are you up to?” Ikenna called out.

“Hi Ikenna, I’m heading over to Sade Johnson house to see if she’s outside,” Tobi told him.

“Sade huh, do you have something going with her?” Ikenna asked.

“Not really but if she’s outside, I’ll hang out for a while,” Tobi replied and then said, “Come with me.”

“Okay,” Ikenna agreed.

Ikenna knew Sade, also 19 years old who had attended a private school. She was a cute slender girl with hardly any breasts but she had nice legs and a curvy ass. Ikenna had nothing else to do so he tagged along with Tobi. They arrived at Sade’s home which was well secured and the backyard was fairly private. Sure enough, Sade was outside wearing shorts and a sleeveless top. She smiled when she saw Ikenna and Tobi and invited them to sit in the backyard with her.

Ikenna learned that both Sade’s parents worked and when they were not home she was not allowed to have anyone in the house. Tobi moved quickly and took Sade in his arms and they began to kiss. The three of them were sitting on the bench with Sade between them. There wasn’t much Ikenna could do but watch Tobi and Sade make out in front of him. She was turned sideways and her ass was nice to look at but Ikenna never touched her. Once Ikenna realized that Tobi was leaving anytime soon, he decided to head home.

“I’ll see you later Tobi. I’m heading out,” Ikenna announced.

Sade then got up and walked Ikenna to the end of the gate and whispered to him, “Come back alone when Tobi isn’t here.”

So instead of going home, Ikenna hung out nearby and waited for Tobi to leave. Once he saw Tobi leave he went back to Sade’s house. She was glad to see him and she began kissing him right away. They say on the bench and Ikenna’s hands were all over Sade’s body particularly her curvy ass as they French kissed. Ikenna was disappointed that they couldn’t go inside the house but he understood.

After that first day with Sade, Ikenna returned to her house frequently in hopes that he might get to fuck her. However, Sade would not even allow Ikenna to finger her pussy under her panties as long as they were outside. Then Ikenna came up with a brainstorm or so he thought so.

“Let’s go in the garage. We can have some privacy there without going into your house,” Ikenna urged.

The garage was detached from the house. It had an open passage from the house to the garage to keep the rain off one’s head but it was still a separate building. Sade loved the idea and they entered the garage. Ikenna brought one of the lounge chairs with him for them to lie on. Sade was a virgin when she and Ikenna started making out in the garage but thanks to Bimbo, Ikenna was a master of seduction and he convinced Sade to expand her horizons. It started out with heavy make-out sessions and petting, which always left Sade’s panties soaking wet and with the smell of sex.

Soon Sade’s small breasts were exposed and Ikenna would suck her breasts and roll the nipples between his fingers until they were eraser hard. Sade would have orgasms just from Ikenna playing with her breasts. Ikenna convinced Sade to wear dresses instead of her shorts. Ikenna would stroke Sade’s thighs when he sucked her breasts, occasionally brushing against her pussy. Sade would jump and moan each time his hand came in contact with her pussy.

One afternoon, Sade was dressed in a dress and before long the top of the dress was in her lap baring her breasts. Ikenna sucked her breasts and stroked her thighs. This time he moved his hand inside her cotton panties and stroked her clit. Sade went wild and humped his hand. Ikenna then eased her panties down and off her legs, moved between her legs and positioned them over his shoulders. Sade was shaking in anticipation as Ikenna began to lick her pussy and cupped her beautiful ass cheeks. Sade came numerous times humping her pussy against Ikenna’s face and soaking him with her cum.

Ikenna moved up alongside Sade and kissed her deeply allowing her to taste her own pussy juice. She asked what she could do to reciprocate so Ikenna steered her hands to his exposed dick. Sade stared at it in awe not knowing what she was supposed to do next. Ikenna guided her through hand job techniques and soon had Sade licking and kissing his dick.

He moved her to the next level of sucking the head of his big dick and fondling his cum filled balls. Sade started to get into it and tried to take more and more of his dick in her mouth. Ikenna could feel his orgasm building but decided not to warn Sade the first time.

His first burst of come caught her totally by surprise and when she felt the second burst she tried to swallow the first. Her mouth quickly filled with cum and to prevent gagging she pulled his dick from her mouth. Ikenna’s dick kept firing cum and it hit her in the face, hair and bare breasts. Sade giggled as she held the spurting dick in her hands as Ikenna’s cum flew everywhere. Sade had come along way since their first time together.

The next several times were repeat performances and Sade had become comfortable with both of them being totally naked. Ikenna added variations to their sex. He taught her about sixty-nine so they could eat each other together. He also introduced his finger into her asshole as he ate her pussy. He placed Sade on all fours, licked her pussy and rimmed her asshole.

One day he placed just the head of his dick in her pussy and rubbed her clit with the soft head of his dick. Sade went wild and had multiple orgasms. Sade told Ikenna that she was ready to fuck and they stripped in the garage and stared at each other totally naked for the first time together.

Watch Out For Part 4

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