Whatsapp To End Support For Some Versions Of Android And Ios Devices

Whatsapp one of the worlds most popular messaging app has announced that it end support for some certain versions of Android and iOS device. While making the announcement, Whatsapp recommended users of the affected device to upgrade your operating system to the latest version. The new is not a new one, as the company before now has made its intention known. Most of the affected device are very old and hardly in use.

The company’s messenger app no longer works on handsets that run the following;
Android versions older than 2.3.3
Windows Phone 8.0 and older
iPhone 3GS/iOS 6
Nokia Symbian S60
BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10

Whatsapp announced that it will soon be ending support for the device listed below giving the dates:
Nokia S40 (on December 31, 2018)
Android versions 2.3.7 and older (on February 1, 2020)
iOS 7 and older (on February 1, 2020)

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