Top Quality Smartphone Brands Nigerians Should Stop Neglecting.(photos)

There are extremely durable brands of smartphone in Nigeria that Nigerians are seriously neglecting,maybe because the name of the phone sounds funny or maybe it’s not popular enough. We’re so used to TECNO, INFINIX, ITEL, GIONEE in Nigeria that we completely ignore the fact that there are very durable brands out there in the Nigerian market that may not be as popular but are very strong, durable and top quality.What we’re seeing in Nigeria are just the companies that do good marketing, pay celebrities huge amount as ambassadors and everyone automatically thinks they’re the best thing to happen in the smartphone world. I’m not saying that the popular brands in Nigeria are not making good quality devices, of course they are but I think it’s time Nigerians begins to explore other top quality brands that may not be popular or well established in the Nigerian market but are very good, durable, strong, beautiful in terms of design and very popular in other countries. TECNO, INFINIX crashed the prices of phones in the market and made Android affordable for all but these good brands don’t make all the noise that we here from the others but are often better in terms of quality. Just because they haven’t done a good job in terms of marketing or maybe they haven’t made Nigeria teir major market doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Don’t let anyone deceive you by saying they don’t have care centers in Nigeria or maybe they’re substandard. I am a phone freak and I have handled most of these phones myself and equally have seen others who have used it, they are enjoying it like no other, I have also used Tecno, Infinix, so I know the difference. This post is really going to be an eye opener. Checkout the list of very good smartphones, these phones are already in Nigeria. some of them are already available on JUMIA while others can be pre-ordered from GEARBEST, ALIEXPRESS, TAOBAO etc. is bringing you a list of wonderful smartphones in Nigeria. Check them out.


This is the biggest Chinese smartphone makers in the world, headquartered in Beijing. They are the world’s 4th largest smartphone manufacturer and currently the highest selling phone in India and other Asian countries. They have both affordable mid-rage devices and high end devices as well. The name sounds funny and though, they may not be popular in Nigeria, their phones are in Nigeria. Phone dealers across Nigeria are not really doing a good job in terms of promoting this phone. This is the best Chinese smartphone I have ever used for now. Their battteries are very strong and the build is of top quality and rich, Nigerians should really stop looking down on this lovely product. Some of the models are already on Jumia and other online stores.

2. HUAWEI. The beast

This company is already as old as Methuselah in Nigeria, I don’t know if the company doesn’t have a marketing department or what. It is the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, having overtaken Ericsson in 2012. This phone is seriously a beast. I call it a beast because I know the power under the hood of their latest flagships. They are in Nigeria on a very low key, even top dealers like Slots, Microstation, 3C HUB, etc just have few of their products on display.This company currently has the phone with the best camera right now, the Huawei P20 PRO.Not because they’re not durable but because people don’t really ask for the phones. Like which lady in Nigeria will be proud of saying, “I want to buy Huawei” ? Ignore this beast at your own peril.


This company was made popular in Nigeria by JUMIA yet people are not really into it. It’s another powerful Chinese brand worth using. I know some guys who use the Leagoo KIICA Power (one of their midrange phones) and they’re still rocking it like no man’s business. They have a lot of affordable phone and flagship as well. Their products include KIICA POWER, power 5, S8, S8 pro etc.


Lenovo is one powerful company in China that are very good in taking over American companies, Lol. In 2012 they acquired IBM PC business and in 2014 they acquired Motorola from GOOGLE. They make powerful phones. I don’t know why Nigerians are ignoring their phones which in my opinion is one of the best Chinese phones in the Nigerian market right now.

They have phones as cheap as #17,000 on JUMIA as well as lovely flagship devices like the Lenovo Z5 with 6GB RAM and 64GB/128GB ROM. The Lenovo Z5 is from N92,000 on JUMIA and has all it takes to compete with other high-end smartphone.

Other brands in the Nigerian market worthy of mention include LG, WIKO, ULEFONE, MOTOROLA, and HTC. They all have top quality products and are all available in the Nigerian market. I know people always like following the crowd and going with the latest trends thereby ignoring good things along the way. This post should be a reminder that there are other top quality phone brands in Nigeria that may not be getting all the attention but are very powerful and can most of the trending brands or even perform better.

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