Nigerian Pastor Spotted Preaching Inside Plane [Video]

Bus evangelism – we’ve heard about it, we are used to it, it has become part of our lives and some may even want to argue that it has become part of our culture. It is almost impossible to board a commercial bus in a city like Lagos without having an encounter with preachers.

How about reaching on a plane? We doubt if you saw that coming very soon, yes it’s real, evangelism has been taken beyond the streets and commercial buses, preachers now share the good news inside the plane.

A Nigerian man who was on board a plane on Sunday shared a video of a Nigerian preacher sharing the word of God with passengers as they were taking their seats waiting to depart the airport.

Victor Ehikhamenor took to his verified Twitter page and wrote:

“If you think you can skip church just because you nor dey naija and you dey for inside plane, you never ready. Welcome to a full service by a Nigerian “aviation pastor”. It is well!”

See video:

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