Don’t Compare Him With Anyone, Olamide Is A Different Breed, Mr Eazi Celebrates Rapper

Nigerian singer, Mr Eazi has taken to Twitter to gush about his love and respect for rapper Olamide.

Eazi had tweeted on just how much of a different breed Olamide is, after a Twitter user had tried to diminish the rapper’s feats.

The troll had tweeted;

“Olamide isn’t given the credit he deserves. – 9 albums – Dropping at least ONE HIT a year. – Gave many artistes (Kesh, AG, Fireboy) a platform. – Started doing December concerts before it became a thing. – Runs a successful label. His only crime is not going international.”

Not wasting time, Eazi responded saying;

“Lol & who said Olamide is not international!!! There is no club anywhere on Gods green Earth or dancer that can spell Afrobeats that doesn’t Play or dance to Olamide!!! Badoo is a different Breed I STAN!!!”

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