COMPETITION: Adekunle Gold Presents the “Ire Story” Contest [SEE DETAILS HERE]

With Adekunle Gold‘s latest inspirational single “Ire” currently touching hearts and making waves across the digital space, fellow artists and fans alike have asked for the instrumental to tap into the viral anointing, and share their own “Ire Story” (some already started).

For this reason, Adekunle Gold is giving YOU the opportunity to share your “Ire Story” in your own unique way. It could be in the form of singing, rapping, spoken word, incantations, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s creative.

For the next TWO (2) weeks, Adekunle Gold and the notjustOk Team will listen to as many “Ire Stories” as possible, and select the TEN (10) best entries for everyone to listen, share, like, and possibly vote.

The overall best “Ire Story” will get a chance to record a classic with Adekunle Gold. 😉

Let’s make this an exciting and beautiful experience.


Download the instrumental HERE, and record your “Ire Story“.

Create a myNotjustok Page, upload your “Ire Story” with the hashtags: #MyIreStory #myNotjustok #IreStory.

Email your uploaded Mynotjustok link to

Share your myNotjustok link across your social media pages (Twitter, InstaGram, Facebook) to get as many people to Listen, Download AND Like your “Ire Story“.

And that’s it!

Be sure to keep an eye on the “Ire Story” playlist on for all new uploads. We’ll stop updating the playlist on Wednesday, the 14th of March, and reveal the Top 10 Ire Stories the following week.

I, for one, am certainly looking forward to hearing all the amazing pieces y’all create with this. I might even share #MyIreStory as well. 🙂

Let’s go!

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