Jojo Amiegbe: The Spontaneous Radio Queen of Urban 96FM Lagos

In the world of media, the relentless pursuit of greatness knows no bounds. Josephine ‘Jojo’ Amiegbe, the vivacious radio maven and content strategist, embodies this spirit of unyielding determination, propelling her career to new heights over the past few years.

From her earliest days, the moniker ‘Jojo’ was etched into the story of a girl entranced by the world of media. Fond memories resurface as she recalls the rhythmic cadence of BBC Network Africa in the morning and the evocative narratives spun by Voice of America at night. These radio transmissions served as the prelude to a journey that would eventually define her.

Jojo’s entry into the world of radio was far from smooth sailing. After encountering numerous setbacks and rejections, she seized her first opportunity in 2012, gracing the airwaves of Ray Power in Benin City. The allure of the radio waves led her to host an array of shows such as “Sunny Side Up,” “Power Express,” and “Power Play,” imprinting her energetic persona in the minds of listeners.

Her talent extended beyond radio, making her a prime fit for Lockdown Entertainment’s music mix TV show from 2013 to 2014. The pivotal move, however, occurred in 2015, when she embarked on a new chapter in Ibadan with Beat FM, where her magnetic presence captivated the hearts of fans during the “Morning Rush” weekdays.

In her metamorphosis into a dynamic radio queen, Jojo’s spontaneity and vivacity forged an indelible connection with her audience. Reflecting on her journey, the Lagos-native radio personality acknowledges the gravity of her role as a media figure, yet she remains steadfast in her commitment to embracing life’s unpredictable nature.

“I relish the world of radio and the creativity it entails. Some of my most cherished moments are those spent engaging with listeners and fans on air. Their calls infuse my day with joy,” Jojo shares.

Her meteoric rise garnered recognition, earning her a nomination for the Best Female On Air Personality of the Year at the Exquisite Lady of The Year (ELOY) Awards in 2017. Beyond her radio endeavors, Jojo played a pivotal role in coordinating TedXMokola in Ibadan, a testament to her multifaceted talent.

With a flair for voice acting and lending her voice to radio jingles and dramas, Jojo’s journey took her from Ibadan to Lagos in 2020. Urban 96.5 FM became her stage, where she masterfully helms “Traffic The Urban Drive” on weekdays and commands “Touchdown 10,” a nationally syndicated program on all SoundCity radio stations every Tuesday at 2 pm.

In the ever-evolving landscape of radio, Jojo Amiegbe has solidified herself as the spontaneous radio queen, unafraid of the twists and turns that come her way. Her passion for broadcasting, paired with her unshakeable authenticity, continues to light up the airwaves and the lives of those who tune in.

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